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The CHSS Volunteer Portal

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The Volunteer Portal is designed to help our volunteers keep up to date with information related to volunteering and their roles.

Volunteers can also find information related to the role of the user – such as training you have undertaken and courses that you are booked on.

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The volunteer portal provides access to a wide range of information, including:


We encourage continuous learning and want our volunteers to have access to the opportunity to improve their current skills and learn new things that could help them in their role, outside CHSS and in future employment. Here volunteers can view courses that may interest them.

Latest News

Here volunteers can access a wide range of information about what’s going on within CHSS such as our monthly newsletter, messages/announcements, information on new shop openings, awards, updates and more!

New Ambition

This section provides information on the strategic direction of CHSS including a timeline, videos and several documents so volunteers can have an understanding and connection to what the future holds for CHSS.

Volunteering Info

Volunteers can view our Gallery and various documents and policies, provide feedback, find information on our Volunteering Steering Group and read other volunteer reviews about their experiences volunteering with CHSS.

CHSS Teams

Department Information and what they each do within CHSS.


Our trustees are volunteers who help oversee and shape the work of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. Here you can find out more about the council, their members and what our trustees are involved in.


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