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The benefits of volunteering

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Benefits to society and communities

  • Volunteering contributions in the UK make up about £50billion of economic output.
  • Communities can benefit from volunteering through reductions in crime and antisocial behaviour.
  • Volunteering can strengthen communities and offer a feeling of social cohesion for those within the community.
  • Our goal is to improve the health of the people of Scotland and provide information, advice and support to anyone in Scottish society who suffers from chest, heart & stroke related illness. Volunteering with us can help us achieve this goal together.

Benefits to CHSS

  • Allows us to operate and provide our services which we could not do without our volunteers.
  • Economic benefit of £1,500,000 provided through volunteering.
  • 150,000 hours of volunteering to CHSS per year is the equivalent of having nearly 77 extra paid staff members.

Benefits to the volunteer

  • Volunteering can improve your employability, research suggests that 80% of employers value volunteering work on a CV and can result in a 73% chance of being more likely to be recruited.
  • 73% of employers said they would rather employ someone with voluntary experience as opposed to someone who has never volunteered before. 58% of employers claim that work experience through volunteering can actually be considered more valuable than experience gained in paid employment.
  • Having volunteering experience can demonstrate self motivation, team working and social skills to employers.
  • Volunteering can provide the opportunity to discover new talents that you didn’t know you had as well as give you the chance to learn new skills.
  • You can possibly test out a career you are interested in. Volunteering is a low commitment way to try something new and see if it is right for you.
  • Volunteering can also lead to better health. Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates and lower rates of depression later in life compared to those that do not volunteer.
  • As well as helping to combat depression, volunteering can help reduce anxiety and improve confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • Volunteering can help you develop your interpersonal skills and is a great opportunity to meet new people as volunteering helps encourages social inclusion.
  • Many volunteers feel a sense of belonging as they have a chance to make a difference to others’ lives and be part of something more.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to volunteer we hope that you, along with our other volunteers have fun and enjoy any amount of time you are able to have with us!

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