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Meet our Volunteers and find out what they do

Who better to tell you what it’s like to volunteer with us than the volunteers themselves?

Meet Chloe Singh, a volunteer in our Morningside Boutique

I have volunteered for Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland for nearly 2 years as I wanted to do something helpful and rewarding to give back to my community.

I also believe that the purpose of this charity and where the money goes is extremely important. Finally, I believe I am a people person and enjoy meeting new individuals every week and giving them the specific help and advice they need.

What I enjoy most about volunteering is the creative side. I really like helping with the window displays and accessories. I can let out my creative side and my passion for fashion. I also really enjoy serving the customers and helping them find what they are looking for.

I get great satisfaction out of volunteering for CHSS as I understand how important what I do is and how much it is aiding the wider community. I believe volunteering for CHSS Morningside Boutique is highly rewarding, fun and is a great experience every week.

Meet Derra Kew, a volunteer Communication Partner

I had an AVM (kind of twisted blood vessels) a few years ago, many of the effects of which are the same as a stroke.

I lost the use of my arm and leg and experienced speech problems as well.

I thought I could empathise a little bit even though it wasn’t actually a stroke I had.

I love being around the people at the service, feeling I am making a difference to their lives.

I always come away having learned something, hearing peoples stories and seeing folk progress in communication just makes me feel so positive.

Meet Gary Crawford, an Event volunteer and Fundraiser

I first volunteered at a CHSS event several years ago by helping out at the CHSS Ladies Driving Challenge. I had a great day and really enjoyed this having been introduced to the charity by my cousin. Then two years ago I was arranging a charity night as part of a work development course I was doing with some colleagues. Straight away I put forward CHSS. Although I had not worked with them for a while, it always stuck in my head as being a worthwhile cause.

I met with Chris Marks and Andrea McIntyre from the Fundraising Team to get their advice about organising the work charity night. It was always obvious the charity did good work, but it wasn’t until I spent time with these two individuals I was really inspired to help where I could. The passion, charisma and knowledge from them was truly infectious. Our comedy night was a great success for both the attendees and in raising funds for the charity.

Since then I have continued to help where I can including organising a cheering point for the Great Scottish Run in 2014, attending a music quiz night in support, helping out and recruiting colleagues from my work to help at the Big Abseil event from the Finnieston Crane and then fundraising and completing the Forth Rail Bridge abseil last year.

Meet Alodie Orr, a shop floor volunteer in Perth boutique

I love volunteering in Perth as it gives me lots of new skills and I enjoy meeting new people.

I also like having the opportunity to give something back to the charity.

My roles, include working on the shop floor, chatting to the customers and finding out about their day. My favorite job is dressing the mannequins. I have gained skills in working on the till and I have also gained customer relations.

I also help upstairs in the shop with the processing and steaming, as well as working on the shop floor with the bric-a-brac and books also the DVDs. I am very happy as a volunteer at Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

I have also gained a lot of experience working in this shop. Everyone who I work with is all very friendly and helpful.

Meet Aimee Foster-Boyd, an ex-volunteer who is now staff

I started volunteering for CHSS in the Stockbridge boutique, I was drawn in by the quirky layout and the friendly atmosphere. I wanted to acquire new skills and gain experience in visual merchandising whilst I was studying. CHSS provided a platform in which I could share and learn from individuals and grow in confidence. My experience with CHSS has been amazing, I have progressed from a volunteer to a Regional Manager. CHSS provided me with the necessary skill-set and experience to enable me to do this. I would recommend volunteering to anyone who is looking for career progression.

We currently have shops across Scotland, Boutique and Discount shops that raise £3m a year for people in Scotland living with Chest, Heart and Stroke illness

Our volunteers play a vital part in our success, without their help, without their time and contribution to stores, we would not be able to raise these vital funds.

Meet Allan & Angeline Jackson and read about their volunteering

We had been out of the country for almost thirty years before retiring back to Scotland in 2015. CHSS was introduced to us by another volunteer, Christine Ferguson, who works in the Morningside, Edinburgh shop.

While we were vaguely aware of the charity, we had not appreciated its mission and the range of assistance and support it provides.

Over the last couple of years, we have volunteered/participated at several events i.e. the Forth Bridge abseil (once being sponsored and twice as volunteers) and the Aye Tunes (pop quiz).

These were all great fun, and in the case of the abseil, quite an adrenalin rush. These activities have allowed us to meet many of the other volunteers and fundraisers.

We plan on continuing to be active supporters of this great charity and would certainly encourage other people of all ages to do the same, not only with financial support but with their time.

New skils, friends. experiences and possibilities
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