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Mutual model for public involvement

A strategic approach

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The Voices Scotland team has worked with Managed Clinical Networks (MCNs) across Scotland in respiratory, cardiac, stroke and paediatric services. This has allowed the team to observe various approaches to an MCN’s public involvement.

The following model has been developed to assist managers to develop their structure within their network to maximise the opportunities to involve the public. This model can be applied to other health and social care organisations seeking to embed public involvement into their structure.


Pathway to a mutual organisation

Information days

  • Inform the public about the work of the network and how they can get involved.

Email / Mail / Social Media / Virtual Network

  • Collect contact details of those interested in getting involved in mail, email and social media forms of communication and consultation

Discussion groups

  • Invite public to meet to discuss specific subjects or topics. These can be virtual or face to face and can also include the use of video conferencing.

Public involvement sub groups

  • Encourage those from discussion groups and open days to form or join a Patient and Carer Subgroup, offering user involvement training where possible. This can also include the use of video conferencing

Open days

  • Encourage partnership working by involving the public regularly, asking for feedback and suggestions and conduct evaluation on your public involvement.

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A model for a mutual organisation (PDF)

This model can be applied to  health and social care bodies seeking to embed public involvement into their structure.