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Good practice public involvement guidance

Woman listening to another woman on Stroke Voices training

Public Involvement Guidance for Staff (PDF)

This guidance developed by Voices Scotland (see related documents) gives tips and suggestions as to how to make public engagement more effective from both the staff and public representatives' perspective. It also signposts recognised resources to facilitate this process.

The guidance includes information to consider prior to  Voices Scotland training. It suggests good practice for engaging with representatives at public involvement  meetings and other consultations.

Bodies that benefit from this guidance will include:

  •  Managed Clinical Networks (MCNs)
  • Community Health and Social Care Partnerships (CHSCPs)
  • Public Partnership Forums (PPFs)
  • Health and Social Care organiations across Scotland
  • Voluntary organisations with an interest in long term conditions.

This document, or parts within, will be of interest and use to anyone who wants to review their services whether service, departmental or board level.

The Voices Scotland team would welcome any feedback and suggestions for this guidance.


Stroke Voices Public Involvement Guidance

Stroke Voices is part of the Voices Scotland network making public involvement available to those living with the effects of a stroke.  Stroke Voices Public Involvement Guidance (PDF) offers professionals guidance on effective methods of engagement  with .those living with the effects of stroke.

Helping communication after a stroke

CHSS produce several documents which may be of use when working with stroke representatives. These documents are used on the Stroke Voices training and can all be downloaded – see related documents.

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