CHSS Public Involvement Glossary

CHSS Public Involvement Glossary

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Here are some of the useful terms below  from the Glossary.

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Asthma UK

A national charity for people living with asthma


BACR—British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation

National association for cardiac rehabilitation, created to represent all professions involved in cardiac rehabilitation

BCS—British Cardiac Society

The Society is involved in education, the setting of clinical standards and research into heart and circulatory diseases

BHF—British Heart Foundation

National charity concerned with people suffering from heart disease

BMA—British Medical Association

Medical union which looks after the interests of doctors


BLF—British Lung Foundation

National charity concerned with people living with Lung Disease

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CEL - Chief Executive Letter

Scottish Government Health Directorates may issue CELs to Health Boards about a range of matters

CHP - Community Health Partnership

Network of professionals aiming to improve the standards and quality of life in a community. These will be changing to Health and Social Care Partnerships after health and social care has been integrated initially through legislation


CHSCP - Community Health and Social Care Partnership

See one above.


COSLA- Convention for Scottish Local Authorities

A national association of 32 Scottish Local Authorieis and acts as an employers' association for its member authorities

CHSS - Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

Medical charity working to improve the quality of life for people suffering with chest heart and stroke illnesses in Scotland

Community Planning Partnerships

Community Planning is a process which helps public agencies to work together with the community to plan and deliver better services which make a real difference to people's lives

CRIGS—Cardiac Rehabilitation Interest Group

A group dedicated to all professionals with an interest in Cardiac Rehabilitation

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DGH—District General Hospital

Hospital not based in a city dealing with local healthcare needs


Different Strokes

National UK charity set up by young stroke survivors for young stroke survivors


E-lib—Electronic Library

On line NHS information resource for all health information


GMC—General Medical Council

Main governing body which supplies guidelines for doctors


HDL—Health Department Letter

An official statement from the Scottish Health and Social Care Directorate

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS)

Health body formed in 2011 which helps NHS Scotland and independent healthcare providers deliver high quality, evidence–based, safe, effective and person–centred care. They also scrutinise services to provide public assurance about the quality and safety of that care

HSE—Health and Safety Executive

Agency which aims to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled

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IM&T—Information Management & Technology

A term for work concerned with data and computers

ISD—Information and Statistics Division

Department of the NHS in Scotland which deals with the collation of information and statistics on a national basis


(J)HIP—Joint Health Improvement Plan

Local authority commitment to improving health

Joint Improvement Team (JIT)

Works directly with local health and social care partnerships across Scotland


LAC—Local Advisory Council

Local offices of the Scottish Health Council (SHC)

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MEL—Management Executive Letter

An official statement from the NHS Management Executive; part of the Scottish Executive (SE)

MCN—Managed Clinical Network

A group of professionals working to improve patient care in one specific disease area

MDA—Medical Devices Agency

Body which regulates medical equipment

MKN—Managed Knowledge Network

Resource on the NHS Electronic Library (E-Lib) for healthcare professionals


NAC—National Advisory Committee

Established in 2002 to enforce the recommendations of the CHD & Stroke Strategy


NARA—National Association for the Relief of Apnoea

A national charity providing advice, information, medical equipment and 24 hour support

NES—NHS Education Board for Scotland

Organisation responsible for national education initiatives

NHS Boards

Organisation which deals with all local NHS services

NHS 24—National Health Service 24

Confidential 24 hour telephone health service, which coordinates out of hours care and provides advice, support and information

NHS—National Health Service

The national organisation which provides free healthcare in the UK

NHS Health Scotland

Organisation to improve health and reduce inequalities


NICE—National Institute of Clinical Excellence

Organisation which provides guidelines for best practice in England, increasingly acknowledged in Scotland

NMC—Nursing and Midwifery Council

Governing body for registered nurses and midwives

Neurological Alliance of Scotland

The Neurological Alliance of Scotland is an umbrella body of organisations and groups representing people living with or affected by a neurological condition

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OEDA—Occupation Environment Disease Association

Deals with compensation and claims for Occupational Lung Disease


Public Partnership Forums (PPFs)

This is the public voice of the Community Health Partnership:Carers and the public discuss how to improve local health services

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RCGP—Royal College of General Practitioners

Sets standards, writes guidelines, monitors education and advises government to ensure high quality patient care

RCN—Royal College of Nursing

Sets standards and writes guidelines and is the main nursing union

RCP—Royal College of Physicians

Sets medical standards, writes guidelines, monitors education and advises government to ensure high quality patient care

RCS—Royal College of Surgeons

Sets surgical standards, writes guidelines, monitors education and advises government to ensure high quality patient care

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SAS—Scottish Ambulance Service

The emergency service used to transport people to hospital

SCI—Scottish Care Information

A national initiative which aims to provide standard national information on Coronary Heart Disease split into three levels Bronze, Silver & Gold

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SE—Scottish Executive now the Scottish Government

Responsible for all devolved government work in Scotland

SHC—Scottish Health Council

National organisation with local offices to oversee public involvement in healthcare

SIGN—Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

Organisation which produces health guidelines for best practice in healthcare in Scotland


National charity that supports people living with aphasia and their carers

SSHNF -Scottish Heart Failure Nurse Forum

SSAHP –Scottish Stroke Allied Health Professionals

SSNF—Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum

A forum for registered nurses in Scotland with an interest in Stroke



WHO—World Health Organisation

United Nations specialised international agency for health

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