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Hosting a training event

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The best way to enhance your public involvement is to invite the Voices Scotland team to come to deliver the Voices Scotland workshops. All Voices Scotland training and resources are free, although the host is expected to cover venue and refreshment costs and participants’ expenses. Visit our Good practice public involvement guidance page for advice on setting up your public involvement for your service.

The following is a checklist for event hosts for tracking this process of setting up the workshops with the Voices Scotland team.

Initial considerations
  • Do you have clear user involvement opportunities for participants after the workshop?
  • Do you have someone who can deliver a presentation on these involvement opportunities at the Voices Scotland session?
  • Do you plan to use your own venue?
  • Do you have a budget for catering?
  • Do you have expenses forms for participants to use?
Practical considerations
  • Do you have a venue in mind? Is it booked?
  • Is it large enough to allow group work?
  • Does it have wall space and a flip chart available?
  • Will the layout help people feel relaxed and have space to move around during group work sessions?
  • Is it accessible in terms of disability and public transport/parking?
  • Who do you want to invite to the event? Either give this information to the Voices Scotland team who will send out invitations or agree a joint form of invitation and booking process. The Voices Scotland team can offer to deliver taster sessions for any local groups of potential participants or provide material to send out.
  • Work with the Voices Scotland team trainer to identify those participants who will need support on the training.
  • Help identify sources of support – particularly how will the people be supported after the training has completed.
Prepare local opportunities presentation
  • Ask for guidance from the Voices Scotland team on the local perspective session.
Provide local health and social care documents
  • Provide Voices Scotland team with any local documents relevant to your services such as condition specific action plans and local organisational health and social care diagrams.
On-going involvement
  • Discuss with the Voices Scotland team on how to continue to support those course participants who wish to become involved with your public involvement network.
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