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COSMIC Training and support

(Champions of Self Management in Care)

On the road to self management: a car with patient at the driving seat and professional along side in the passenger seat

On the road to self management


COSMIC Workshop and Resources

(Champions of Self Management in Care)

Working together to support Self Management           

CHSS Voices Scotland has developed the “COSMIC Workshop”. This training aims to support people in promoting Self Management in Scotland and is  available free.

Visit our Cosmic Resources website for flexible training materials to equip your people with the knowledge and skills to influence the strategic agenda on Self Management, thereby improving local health and social care services.

Cascading COSMIC: Supporting the House of Care

View our poster for the NHSScotland Event 2014: Cascading COSMIC Supporting the House of Care (PDF)summarising how the Voices Scotland team has used the COSMIC workshops and resources across Scotland to Support of the House of Care from the Heath Foundation. adapted for NHSScotland


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