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News and current consultations

The Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament

"Our Voice" launched at the NHSScotland Event 2015.

The event  saw the announcement of ‘Our Voice ’, a new initiative aiming to support people who use support and services to engage purposefully in service improvement by sharing their experiences. This was formally known as "Stronger Voice".

For more information view the Our Voice (PDF) leaflet.

Irene Oldfather, Director at the ALLIANCE, writes on the Our Voice initiative on the ALLIANCE Viewpoint page about  the opportunities for better listening to the voice of lived experience in health and social care support and services.

View the Our Voice framework.

Voices Scotland fed into this original consultation.

Dave Bertin from Voices Scotland, outlines his thoughts on the need for the public to be trained and supported if they are to be meaningfully involved in shaping services.


Keeping up to date with the latest consultations

Visit The ALLIANCE for up to date information on the latest Scottish Government Consultations in particular information around the progress of the proposed health and social care integration.


Scottish Government consultations

Visit the Scottish Government website to view current consultations and subscribe to their newsletter seConsult   which provides a weekly update on all consultations beginning and ending that week