Voices Scotland training day

Voices Scotland training day

Frequently asked questions


What is Voices Scotland?

The Voices Scotland programme, delivered by Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS), is a national network of people affected by chest, heart and stroke conditions who want have their say.

Through free VOICES and COSMIC workshops and on going support you will be provided with the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with the health and social care services to help plan new and better services.  The VOICES workshops: Chest Voices, Hearty Voices and Stroke Voices (an accessible version of the training) enables you to have your say so that you can work with us to campaign and influence for improvements in health and social care.

The COSMIC workshops help you to  influence the strategic agenda on Self Management,

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Who are the Voices Scotland team?

Dave Bertin: Voices Scotland Lead

Tony Young: Voices Scotland Trainer


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Why join Voices Scotland?

As a member of Voices Scotland you can use your passion and experience of living with your condition to make a difference.

You can:

  • Access FREE training to provide you with the knowledge and skills to work with the health and social care services to help plan new and better services
  • Take part in our national campaigns by writing letters and emails, meeting with your political representative face-to-face, or lobbying in parliament with other members of Voices Scotland from across Scotland
  • Get involved with your local health and social care services – championing the views of people living with long term conditions to help improve services.
  • Reply to surveys about local and national services
  • Receive a bi-annual newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest developments.
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What would I be doing?

Getting involved with the health and social care services and associated organisations which can be achieved at one (or more) of six different levels. You might like to think about which level your circumstances might allow you to become involved There is a level suitable for everyone.  Visit Levels of involvement for more information.

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What kind of person joins Voices Scotland?

You might have campaigned before or been involved with health and social services. You might not have. Either way, you’ll be passionate about improving service and share our vision to improve the lives of people living with long term conditions.

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What does VOICES training cover?

  • Understand the structure of the health and social care services in Scotland
  • Find out which health and social care bodies are looking for your involvement and views
  • Discover how to effectively communicate with health and social care professionals
  • Learn how to improve services for the future
  • Develop the skills to become a patient or carer representative involved in planning, monitoring and improving health and social care services

VOICES  workshop for those with communication support needs after a stroke

In addition to the other workshop outcomes you will also be able to:

  • Find out how a stroke effects people differently
  • Understand how to communicate with people who have communication difficulties (aphasia)
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What is the cost?

All the Voices Scotland training is free and you should be reimbursed for  any of your expenses.

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What is COSMIC?

COSMIC stands for Champions of Self Management in Care.  This is an extension of the VOICES training. It supports you to have your say, to influence services promoting on self management.  There is no cost for this training.

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What are COSMIC Resources?

These are the training resources available to deliver a COSMIC Workshop or adapt them to suit another organisation’s needs.  They are available at cosmicresources.org.uk

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What is a Self Management Champion?

The Remit of the Self Management Champion

The Self Management Champion has a remit to promote self management support and initiatives as forming an effective pathway of care for people living with long term conditions in Scotland. This may be through any or all of the NHS and its associated bodies.

The Role of the Self Management Champion

The Scottish Government, worked with the Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland (now The ALLIANCE)  to develop their strategy for Self Management (Gaun Yersel). Through this, they encourage health and social care services to develop a culture of support for self management.

The role of the Self Management Champion is to ensure that self management is always on the agenda in planning and service development at a local and national level.  They will promote self management as an effective, person-centred and efficient form of managing long term conditions.

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What does the COSMIC Workshop training cover?

  • Understanding the broad range of what constitutes self management and the role of the Self Management Champion
  • Exploring the various models of self management
  • Recognising the support available to help people self manage

You can also access the full Voices Scotland training as well which will help you feel confident and ready  to be a Self Management Champion.

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What support can I expect from the Voices Scotland Team?

  • You’ll get expert advice and training to help you campaign for change.
  • The Voices Scotland Team is available by email and phone to answer any queries. The majority of the time we’ll be able to help directly, but we’ll also be able to put you in touch with the right people to help you out in your area.
  • We’ll be in contact with a bi-annual newsletter.
  • We are often asked to ascertain the views of patients and carers.  These opportunities will be forwarded onto you to as appropriate.
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What is the time commitment?

It is entirely up to you.  Visit our Levels of involvement page to see what suits you.

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How do I join Voices Scotland?

You can join today by completing by completing our form on the Voices Scotland leaflet and sending it back to us - see related documents.

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How do staff approach public involvement?

Visit our Public involvement pathway and model to give you a strategic framework for your public involvement and  tips on how to implement the mutual model of public involvement.

For front line staff visit our Advice for front line staff page.


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How do I host a public involvement event?

Visit our Hosting a Training Event page form more information.

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How do I contact Voices Scotland?

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

Head Office
Third Floor
Rosebery House
9 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5EZ

Email: voicesscotland@chss.org.uk

Tel: 0131 225 6963

Or contact us through our website

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