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Trustees and Committee members

Patron - Her Majesty the Queen

Jim Gibson (Chair)

Theresa Douglas (Vice-Chair)

Chief Executive - Jane-Claire Judson

Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Jim Gibson (Chair)
  • Theresa Douglas (Vice-Chair)
  • Gill Alexander
  • Alan Begg
  • Gerry Fowkes
  • Simon Harris
  • Barbara Mitchelmore
  • Andrew Morris
  • Neil Pirie
  • Kenneth Walmsley


Finance and Audit Committee

  • Neil Pirie (Chair)
  • Jim Gibson
  • Alan Hartley
  • Alan Begg
  • Kenneth Walmsley


Research Committee

  • Dianne Haley (Chair)
  • Gill Alexander
  • Adam Hill
  • Gordon Lowe
  • Mary Joan Macleod
  • David Newby
  • Naveed Sattar
  • Allan Struthers



  • Paul Bannon: Corporate Services
  • Lawrence Cowan: Communications
  • Allan Cowie: Service Delivery
  • Dianne Haley: Operations & Innovation
  • Jay Hogarty: Retail


Volunteering Strategy Group

“We aim to double the number of volunteers in CHSS by 2021 in order to reach everybody who needs us and to help us to raise funds.”(No Life Half Lived, 2018)

Volunteering is a fundamental part of the CHSS structure, integral in facilitating the work of CHSS by supporting innovation across the charity, the expansion of retail outlets and service provision. Contributing a net economic benefit of £1.5 million to CHSS in 2017/18, volunteers will form a substantial part of the Charity’s ability to deliver No Live Half Lived (NLHL) for those experiencing the conditions we support. Volunteers are therefore vital to the success of the organisation’s strategic goals. An expansion in the number of people we help can’t happen without a corresponding increase in volunteer numbers.


  • To support volunteering strategy throughout the organisation to ensure the design, implementation and delivery of No Life Half Lived
  • To embed a volunteering-led mindset across CHSS
  • To be the ‘Voice of our Volunteers’, engaging them in the strategic direction of the organisation and ensuring their part in the innovation of volunteering.
  • With the VSG as a guiding-force, volunteers will remain a lynchpin in the success of CHSS as we begin delivery of NLHL; our volunteering strategy will be increasingly volunteer-led as we move towards being a more people-driven organisation.

The VSG will take into consideration the political, economic, social and cultural contexts which influence volunteering, ensuring constructive benchmarking against the impact of volunteering on: the volunteers; service users; CHSS as an organisation; the wider Scottish community.