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Our online shop is jam-packed with our famous Scottish-themed Christmas cards, our festive face masks and gifts.

Every purchase made will be helping people across Scotland do more than survive – you’ll be helping them really live!

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Shops closed during lockdown

Following the latest announcement from the Scottish Government, all our shops will be closed for the duration of lockdown and will reopen as soon as we can.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to accept bags and boxes of donations throughout this time. If you are having a clear out, please do keep any donations aside as we would love to accept them as soon as we’re back open.

We want to say a huge thank you to all our lovely customers for your support throughout this very difficult year. You’re more than just customers, you’re helping people across Scotland do more than survive and really live!

Right now, because of the new lockdown restrictions, we’re losing over £400,000 of income. That’s 20,000 hours of support for people who are desperately in need. Please support us in whatever way you can.

We’re still open online! You can find our amazing Scottish-themed cards, face coverings, gifts and a collection of designer clothing

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What measures have we put in place to protect customers?

In planning to open our shops our top priority has been to make it as safe as possible for our customers, volunteers and staff. The following measures have been put in place to ensure we maintain the highest levels of hygiene.

  • Strict cleaning rotas with spot checks three times a day.
  • All stock quarantined for 72 hours.
  • Hand sanitiser at entrance and till point.
  • All shops to have limited people in at any time.
  • Floor stickers to show social distancing.
  • Shield guards at till points.
  • Masks and gloves provided for staff and volunteers.

For more detailed information see our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Find which CHSS shop near you is open:

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Our stores will be open to customers from 11am-4pm Monday to Saturday

We will have a phased approach to opening our stores. The first cluster will be in Edinburgh with 4 stores opening from July 10th, plus our Grangemouth Hub accepting donations only. We will then stagger opening further stores. Follow our social media accounts for the latest updates

Yes. There will be a limit to the number of people allowed in the store at any time which will be different for each store based on space. We will maintain a queueing system with social distancing outside our stores.

Yes. It will be mandatory to wear a mask whilst in the store as per the latest government guidance.

We will continue to accept cash and card payments.

£45 is the new contactless limit.

All stores will undergo a thorough clean before re-opening. Once open, stores will be cleaned each day and have spot checks three times a day. We have reduced our opening hours to allow time to take on additional cleaning and safely maintain our high hygiene standards.

All staff and volunteers will be provided with gloves and masks. Hand sanitiser and protective shields at the till point will be in place.

Yes. Hand santiser will be provided for use by all customers at the entrance to the store. We will have an additional hand sanitiser available at all till points.

Yes. All till points will have a shield guard in place.

Yes. We will have floor markers in place for social distancing.

Yes. All donations of clothing and stock will be quarantined for 72 hours before being processed for the shop floor.

Donations will be processed after 72 hours in quarantine. People processing stock will follow strict guidelines on how to safely process stock. This will include hand washing before and regularly throughout processing, with hand sanitiser available. Gloves and masks will also be provided during processing. All non-hanging items will be cleaned with soap and water or antibacterial wipes as appropriate. Stock will be carefully dated with dedicated sorting areas in stores to allow a safe processing system.

No. The changing rooms will be closed until further notice / government guidance changes.

Yes. You are still able to return items bought at the store

Returns will be quarantined for 72 hours and processed the same way as all donated stock.

We will be accepting stock at stores between 10-11am, and 4-5pm Monday to Saturday. Some stores will also contain a ‘donations box’ where you can place donations to be processed.

Please check with your local store before bringing donations.

Find your local shop

If you are considering making a cash donation to the charity – firstly, thank you! It is possible to make a donation in the store, just speak to a member of staff or volunteer who will be able to help. If you would prefer to donate online you can.

Please check with your local store before bringing donations.


Turn your pre-loved goods into more than a donation

Your pre-loved goods are more than a donation – they’re the difference between someone just surviving or really living.

COVID-19 forced our shops to close and we had to cancel our fundraising events. That means we’re losing £500,000 a month. Even as we start to reopen stores, the devastating impact of this will take a long time to recover from.

If things don’t change, the support services people rely on will have to close. Calls for help will go unanswered.

Your donation matters. It will fund services that help people with chest, heart and stroke conditions – including COVID-19 – get back home from hospital and live life to the full.

By having a clear out and donating at our stores, YOU can be the difference between someone surviving or really living.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

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