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Keeping Scotland Healthy

SPFL Trust and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

More people than ever before are living with chest, heart and stroke conditions. These conditions account for 40% of all adult deaths in Scotland.

Many people do not have access to the knowledge, support or services that would help them live healthier lives – but you can help us change that.

By working together, we can make Scotland a healthier place for everyone.

Every day in Scotland:

  • 25 people will have a stroke
  • 30 people will have a heart attack
  • 46 people will be diagnosed with heart failure
  • 1 in 11 people will struggle to breathe because of chronic chest illnesses, including Covid and Long Covid

What we do

Our Physical Activity team is passionate about helping people to get moving

We want to help people to breathe better. We want people’s hearts to work as well as they can. We want to make sure that everyone has the best recovery they can after a stroke.

Our Physical Activity team is passionate about helping people to get moving. Not only can this reduce the risk of developing one of our conditions, but it also helps stroke survivors and people living with chest and heart conditions to stay active in a way that works for them to boost their recovery.

From local Walking Groups to one-to-one walking support, we encourage people to be active in an easy and manageable way.

We also offer virtual activity sessions, led by specialist exercise professionals, and a variety of online content and resources to help people stay healthy and active in their own homes.

Our Health Defence service helps to equip people with the knowledge and resources they need to live a healthy lifestyle, from health checks and lifestyle advice to behaviour change support.

Get Invovled

You would be helping people like John get back to the game

When John suffered a stroke in 2016, it affected his vision. No longer able to see properly, he lost his confidence and didn’t feel comfortable in large crowds.

Stroke had taken away the “love of his life” – being able to go to Ibrox and watch his beloved Rangers play football.

But with the help of our amazing nurses and support workers, John was able to get back to the game.

“Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland have given me back my health, my confidence and helped me do the things I love again. I have come on so well. I can go out and walk by myself now, stuff that I couldn’t do initially.

“There are so many wonderful and beautiful things out there to see – including Glasgow Rangers!”

Take a look at John’s video to see what happened when we helped him get back to Ibrox for the first time since his stroke.

Working together

By working together, we can help keep Scotland healthy.

We’re on hand to equip your clubs, coaches and Football Fans in Training participants with all the information, resources and support they need to live their lives to the full.

This includes:

  • Printed and online Health Information resources. Our easy-to-read Essential Guides cover everything from Physical Activity to Healthy Eating.
  • Free, confidential support and advice from our award-winning Advice Line nurses.
  • Access to our Kindness Volunteer service, providing friendly Kindness Calls to people across Scotland who are feeling isolated and lonely – whether you’re in need of support or want to become a volunteer.
  • Opportunity to join one of our 130 affiliated local Peer Support Groups across the country.
  • Free health checks and advice from our Health Defence team.
  • Working with our Community Support Services teams across the country.
  • Access to our exciting fundraising events calendar with everything from walkathons and 10K runs to the adrenaline-filled Beast Races.
  • …and much more!

Find out more

Scotland’s superheroes

Read the inspiring stories of Scotland’s real heroes, who have used their love of football to do something amazing and help other survivors just like them.

Freak heart attack

Sports-obsessed teen Kieren fom Glasgow suffered a “freak heart attack” while training for a 10k run.

“I feared the worst”, he says. “Would I ever be able to get back to running with the same intensity? Sport was everything to me but now I felt totally exhausted all the time.”

Thankfully Kieren’s recovery progressed well and one year on from the heart attack that changed his life, he decided to give back by organising a charity football match to help other families across Scotland.

Read the full story

Going for gold

Lifelong football fan Billy from Ardrossan decided to auction off some of his precious football medals to help stroke survivors after being moved by local man Derek’s story.

Derek suffered a huge stroke in 2017 which left him unable to speak, walk or look after his children.

When Billy saw Derek’s appeal asking people to support Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland during lockdown, he was eager to do whatever he could to help.

Read the full story

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