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Pre-Event Information & Event Rules

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Event Information

Hello and thank you for entering the 2019 ‘Aviemore 100’ event – we are sure that it’s going to be a great day! By signing up and taking part in the second year of this exciting and innovative cycling event in aid of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, you are directly helping people across Scotland who have survived life-changing illness to recover their quality of life with support from Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS). Your efforts will help them to really live the life that matters to them and their families. No life should be half lived in Scotland and we are sincerely grateful for your support – thank you very much indeed.

CHSS and Mikes Bikes Aviemore Ltd are very grateful to the many organisations, businesses and individuals and especially to the Forestry Commission Scotland and the local community who are so supportive in making this fantastic event possible.

Please read the following information very carefully to ensure that you fully understand the event details, event rules and the event day programme to ensure we all play our part in making the event an enjoyable, successful and safe event for everyone. It is a condition of event entry and registration that every participant agrees to read and ensure they understand this pre-event information and will fully comply with all event rules, safety instructions and the instructions of any event staff on event day.

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Date and Time

Saturday 18th May 2019

Travelling to the event

Event day registration, start/finish, the transition point and all event facilities are located at the ‘Hayfield’ at  Glenmore, by Aviemore. Glenmore is well signposted from Aviemore however we have detailed the directions below. Event parking will be in the Glenmore Forest Park car parks, but like most events parking will be tight, so where possible please car share and follow our event parking signs for parking.

If you are coming from Inverness/Aberdeen direction:

  • Turn off the A9 at the north junction for ‘Aviemore’ and follow the B9152 through Aviemore.
  • When you reach the roundabout at ‘La Taverna’ Restaurant take the first exit signposted ‘Inverdruie/Glenmore/Cairngorm Ski Centre’
  • Follow this road for around 6 miles and you will reach the Glenmore Forest Park after Loch Morlich with the Hayfield on your right hand side after the Reindeer Centre.

If you are travelling from the south, Perth/Edinburgh/Glasgow direction:

  • Turn off the A9 at the south junction for ‘Aviemore’ and follow the B9152 into Aviemore.
  • When you reach the roundabout at ‘La Taverna’ Restaurant take the 3rd exit signposted ‘Inverdruie/Glenmore/Cairngorm Ski Centre’
  • Follow this road for around 6 miles and you will reach the Glenmore Forest Park after Loch Morlich with the Hayfield on your right hand side after the Reindeer Centre.

The postcode for the Hayfield is PH22 1QY.

Event Facilities/Hub

Event Day Registration, Start, Transition Point and Finish are all located at the event hub at the Hayfield so there is no need to take your mountain bike to a different location. There are no changing or shower facilities at the event hub but there will be toilets on site. There will be space for every rider to hang ONE bag on their bike on the transition rack with a spare jacket/snack etc. Anything more than that will be moved as space is tight. Valuable items should not be left with your bike.

The fantastic Coffee Rescue Scotland and Thistle Street Eats will be onsite serving coffee, tea and hot snacks and food all day. All riders are also provided with a meal voucher upon finishing the race. Cobbs Cafe at nearby Glenmore Visitor Centre and the Red Squirrel Cafe at Glenmore will also be open all day and are a quick 5 minute walk or 2 minute pedal from the event hub!

The event medical safety team will be provided by ‘Avium’ who will have a first aid tent based at the event hub – if you have any event related medical or injury concerns please go and see them.


All cyclists taking part in the event are required to attend ‘Race Registration’ before taking part in the event; race registration is available on the pre-event Friday evening OR on event day Saturday morning. Friday evening registration will be at Mikes Bikes Aviemore (5A Myrtlefield, below Boots Chemist, Aviemore PH22 1SB) which will be open from 6.00pm to 8.00pm Friday 17th of May. Event Day registration will be at the Event Hub at the Hayfield on event day morning Saturday 18th May from 7.15am to 8.30am. All participants MUST attend ‘Race Registration’ either on the Friday evening or Saturday morning to confirm your details and to be issued with your individual Race Numbers (one for each bike), race timing chip and allocated your transition rack location.  It is your responsibility to remember to take your timing chip with you on Saturday morning; no chip – no ride!

Please Note: Each Rider will have an individual timing chip and ‘Team Pair’ riders will have two timing chips per team.  There are no new entries or substitutions on event day and all entrants must register in person and must not register or cycle under someone else’s details. Any medical conditions that the organisers should be aware of must be noted on the back of your individual race numbers which are provided at Registration. If you have been unwell or feel ill you must not take part – it’s not worth it!

You will be provided with an individual waterproof Race Number for both your mountain bike and your road bike; please ensure these are properly secured and clearly visible on the front of your bike using the cable ties provided at Registration and please ensure that you remember your individual number throughout the event for safety purposes.

Race Start

The race will begin at 9am prompt with the road cycle section. Riders will be set off in race number order (i.e. 1 – 300) at 10 second intervals in small groups from the well-signposted ‘START’ line.  There will be a signed and marshalled ‘muster area’ near the start line where you are required to line up by 08.45am in race number order for the start; please do try and be on time and don’t miss your allotted muster space. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are in the muster area and ready to start at the right time with all the kit you need. Once lined up in your race number order, you will be given a short but very important Race Safety Brief in small groups and then be set off individually in your groups. For event safety reasons you must not change race numbers with any other rider for any reason. If you want to ride at the same time as a friend – set off slowly once you have been started and allow them to catch up. Please Note: There is NO ranking in the race number order – it is simply your individual identifying number that you will be given at Registration.

Race Timing

NEW FOR 2019 **

  • Both of your MTB laps will be individually timed
  • You will receive a time for Road &Transition, MTB LAP 1 and MTB LAP 2

Each rider will be issued with a Race Timing chip at Registration which will correspond to your individual race number. Your timing chip is attached to your ankle by a strap and must be worn throughout your race. Timing chips will be collected at the Finish Line, and at transition for the road biker in team pairs. Individual race times will start when the road biker crosses the timing mat at the Start Line and records when the road biker arrives back at Transition after the road section. The time will be recorded for the rider leaving Transition on the first Mountain Bike lap and also at the start of the second Mountain Bike lap and then at the Finish Line.

Race Transition

On return and finish of the road cycle section, you will be directed by marshals into the ‘transition point’. Please follow the directions from the marshals and change your bikes. You must then follow the signs to the start of the MTB loop where you will then ride over the timing mat and away you go!

So in short:

  • Ride in from Road Section
  • Change Bike
  • Ride out to the MTB Loop

If you are riding as a team pair, the Road Cycle team member must ride into transition and find their team mate who must then follow the signs to the MTB loop and complete the two laps, riding over a timing mat each time.

Please make sure that you know where the transition point is located and the layout, and understand the transition process before you start the event to ensure a slick transition phase for everyone. You must keep to the sign posted transition routes and only use the sign posted entrance and exit point. You must not leave bikes or bags or any kit lying on the ground – they must be properly racked and please respect other participants bikes and equipment when using the transition area. Race marshals will instruct you when and where to dismount on arrival at transition and where you can remount when leaving transition.

Race Route

Road Cycle: The road cycling route is approximately 70 Km distance and apart from a very short section on the A95 is all set on minor B or unclassified roads. These roads are not closed to the public so you must obey all normal road traffic regulations and the Highway Code and keep on the correct side of the road at all times; you must not ride more than two abreast at any time. The route will be well signed and marshalled throughout. The route road surfaces are generally in good condition after the long winter but there are inevitably some potholes, lumps and bumps, mud and gravel in a few places; where possible the worst of these will be signed or marked with paint.    Mikes Bikes Mechanics will be driving the route and will try to help anyone who may have mechanical issues or problems but if you do see someone with an issue please try and help them – it’s not the Tour de France! Based on attendance and feedback from last year’s event there will be no halfway point feed station so make sure you carry  adequate supplies of fluid, food, snacks, gels etc. Water will be available to replenish fluid bottles at certain marshal points. If at any point you feel unwell or have any issues please inform the nearest marshal or notify another rider. Likewise if you come across someone who is unwell, having problems or has ‘crashed’ – please STOP and HELP and then notify the nearest marshal. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about the immediate safety or wellbeing of yourself, another rider or anyone else do not hesitate to call 999 and get immediate help on the way – DO NOT LEAVE ANYONE SUFFERING. The event safety team from ‘Avium’ will be driving around the course and marshals are located along the route but if in any doubt – it is always quicker to call 999 and get help on the way. If you receive any negative comments or ‘abuse’ from other road users or from a member of the public, please do not react but notify the nearest marshal with any details (i.e. name, location, time,  vehicle registration number) and we will deal with the situation.

‘Drafting’ is permitted however please ride within your own ability and always allow faster riders to pass you on the outside. Always keep a check over your right shoulder so that you are aware of what’s going on and remember to shout ‘Car On’ for oncoming cars and ‘Car Up’ for cars behind. Some of the single track roads have blind corners so you must keep to your side of the road.  There will be a ‘sweep vehicle’ on the road bike route.

Mountain Bike Route: The mountain bike route is approx 30 km and consists of two loops of a 15 km circuit and involves a wide variety of ‘off-road terrain. There will be good forest tracks, rutted tracks, potholes, rocks, stock, climbs and steep descents, twists and turns and banks – these are all part of what is required to be negotiated by the competitors! Any hazards outside of those normally expected will be clearly identified and marked accordingly to ensure your awareness and safety. There are a couple of road crossings on the MTB route which will be well signed and marshalled – you must listen to the marshals instructions and if they ask you to walk the road crossing then please do so – it’s only a cycling event and not the XC World Cup!

On all single track sections please let faster riders pass you and if you are a faster rider, please give the rider in front plenty of warning that you are coming, say ‘hello’ and shout ‘on your right/left.’ We have signposted what we recognize as ‘gnarly’ sections on the MTB route but please ride within your ability. If you think something is too steep then it probably is – so it’s quicker and better to get off and run rather than fall and injure yourself. If a marshal tells you to dismount and to get off your bike, please follow their safety instructions! Make sure you carry adequate supplies of fluid, food, snacks, gels etc. Water will be available to replenish fluid bottles at certain marshal pointsThere will be a ‘cut-off’ time for MTB laps; this will be announced at the race briefing. Both of your MTB Laps will be timed individually.


To be able to successfully complete the ‘Aviemore 100’ event and to genuinely enjoy the challenge, you need to be in good health, fit and used to physical endurance, a competent cyclist, done the training and be able to ‘keep actively moving’ for between 5-8 hours. The predicted fastest time to complete the whole route is expected to be around 4 hours and up to 8 hours for those trying to get the most value from their entry fee! Remember it’s all about taking part and finishing safely and not how quick you do it!

Preparation is always key so ensure that you are well fed and hydrated before and during event day and that your body, bike and kit are all tested, checked and in the best possible shape they can be. You really don’t want to carry too much kit and equipment around the route so consider carefully the clothing you need, your food and fluid
requirements, the tools and spares needed for your bike and any emergency personal kit you need. The Highland weather can change quickly from extremely hot to snowing in a matter of hours, so please study the weather forecasts for event day and plan for the worst case scenario from that!

The Finish – YEY!

As you are approaching the finish line after the final MTB route lap, you will be directed where to go by marshals. You will then be asked to dismount from your bike and walk down the ‘funnel lane’ where you will receive your very well-deserved event gift, meal voucher, Russwood water bottle and some other freebies and you must hand back your timing chip! You can then relax and fully enjoy the atmosphere as you reflect on completing your epic ‘Aviemore 100’ event!

Additional Safety Notes

  • The event routes will be fully signed and marshalled who will be clearly identifiable along with event vehicles you will see out on the route. Keep your eyes peeled for event signage when you’re riding.
  • There will be adequate and competent medical and safety cover at the event and a dedicated communication network across the event with a detailed event safety plan in place based on event risk assessments.
  • Cyclists must follow all marshals instructions at all times.
  • Riders must wear an approved cycle helmet at all times when riding any part of the route.
  • If you are ill or feeling unwell you must not take part. Please make sure you are fit enough to take part.
  • Make sure your bike is well-maintained and in a safe and reliable condition before the event. We strongly recommend fitting a rear red flashing light to your road bike and wearing bright clothing.
  • Please carry a spare correct size inner tube, bicycle pump, puncture repair kit, bike multi tool, fluid and snacks when out on your bike. Even if you don’t know what to do with your spare bike parts – someone else will!
  • Please be prepared for all eventualities – rain, sleet, snow, sun!
  • Any rider that withdraws or retires early from the event after starting must inform the nearest event marshal or the finish line team as soon as possible. If you become unwell or need any help in any way you MUST inform the nearest marshal as soon as possible.

You must inform the organisers in advance of the event of any relevant medical, health or other condition that may affect your ability to safely take part in the event; you can do this at event registration or email to notify us prior to the event if you wish. 

Event Rules

Please read carefully: Non-compliance with any of the ‘Event Rules’ will result in disqualification of the competitor from this event.

  1. Approved cycle helmets must be worn at all times on all parts of the road and MTB event routes.
  2. A RED flashing light should be fitted to the back of your road bike.
  3. Riders must obey the Road Traffic Act and Highway Code on all private or public roads during this event where ‘Road Cycling Rules’ will apply.
  4. Riders must not ride more than two abreast on any road.
  5. Riders must ride in single file if impending vehicle traffic is behind you.
  6.  Riders must keep as far left as possible at all times, on all roads and tracks to ensure sufficient room for safe passing.
  7. Riders must not deviate from the obvious route line or track or attempt to take shortcuts.
  8. Drafting is permitted.
  9. Any Rider retiring or withdrawing from the race must inform a Race Marshal or the Finish Line team at the first possible opportunity after the decision to withdraw is made.
  10. Riders must know how to repair basic bike mechanical breakdowns (i.e. chain break and punctures).
  11. Individual race numbers are to be securely fixed to the front of each bike and clearly visible and must not be altered or cut in any way.
  12. Event officials reserve the right to withdraw any competitor on safety grounds if they consider they are not capable of safely completing the event in an adequate timescale.
  13. Do not dispose or leave any rubbish of any sort on any part of the event route. All food wrappers, drink bottles, gels, tubes etc must be carried to the finish line and not discarded anywhere along the route. Anyone seen discarding rubbish will be disqualified and will not receive a time or position.
  14. No outside assistance is allowed by support crews to any competitor and no supporters will be allowed to follow riders on the course.
  15. Riders must attend the pre-start race safety briefing at the Start Line Muster Area at 0845.
  16. Riders must follow instructions from any event official or marshal at all times. They are there for
    everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
  17. Failure to return timing chips at the event will result in a £35 fee.
  18. Electric Bikes are not permitted.
  19. Compulsory equipment as listed below must be carried by each rider or may result in disqualification.
  20. Entries are not transferable on event day.
  21. The entry fee is not refundable.

Compulsory Equipment to be Carried

  • Approved Cycle Helmet
  • Red flashing rear light on Road Bike
  • Inner tube and/or puncture repair kit with tyre levers
  • Pump
  • Multi-Tool
  • At least one bottle of fluid and sufficient food to meet your individual energy needs for 5-8 hours of riding

Results and Prizes

  • There will be a number of small prizes for various rider categories which will be presented at the end of the event and there will also be some spot prizes!
  • The finishing times for all riders will be posted on  and the Aviemore 100 Facebook page after the event.

Sponsorship and Donations

Proceeds from the Aviemore 100 event will go to support the vital work of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland – thank you for your valued support. You could really help improve the quality of life of people, young and old who are affected by life-changing chest heart and stroke illnesses which CHSS support by getting sponsored for the Aviemore 100 event or by making a donation to CHSS. Any amount big or small will make a genuine positive impact on someone’s life. If you would like more details about setting up a sponsorship page or getting a paper sponsor form or how to make a donation please get in touch with the team at CHSS at

We are very grateful to all of our amazing event sponsors and prize donors and supporters which include:

  • Russwood
  • Forestry Commission Scotland
  • The Highland Council
  • Police Scotland
  • Specialized Bikes
  • Cairngorms National Park Authority
  • The local community

Check out their websites and give them a LIKE on Facebook!


If you need somewhere to stay in Aviemore we have a few recommendations:

  • Carn Bahn Mor B&B
  • The Cairngorm Hotel
  • Ardlogie Guest House
  • Handpicked Lodges Self Catering Properties
  • Glenmore Lodge
  • Glenmore Campsite

And finally…

  • Keep an eye on the Aviemore 100 Facebook page for event updates on the lead up to the event.
  • If you have asked to hire a bike for the event, please contact Mikes Bikes to organise the collection – these will not be taken to the Event Hub.
  • This is the second year of the new ‘Aviemore 100’ event so we hope you will understand and be patient if everything does not like clockwork on the day. Your feedback will be most welcome indeed!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our event and look forward to meeting you on event day. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at OR

Cheers for now…                                                                

Team Mikes Bikes Aviemore & Team Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.