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Derek and daughter. You can help me get my kids back; Derek Stewart

My name is Derek and last year my world fell apart – twice.

My stroke robbed me of everything – my voice, my independence and my kids.
With your help I can get them back.

Help Derek get his kids back

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Life before that was pretty normal. I had a good job, nice home, lovely wife Michelle and two brilliant kids, Demi and Leo. But then one day everything changed. My wife died. And our family and world fell apart.

At the time I was doing everything I could to hold us all together. Three months after losing my wife I was at the children’s school for a meeting about how they were coping when I suddenly felt a sharp pain down my side.

I felt dizzy. Sick. I couldn’t get my words out. I didn’t know what was happening.
I was having a stroke.

It was terrifying but I wasn’t scared for me. I was scared for Demi and Leo. They had only just lost their mum and I knew they would be afraid they were going to lose me too.

At first, after my stroke I couldn’t move or speak. I desperately wanted to tell the kids I loved them and everything was going to be ok but I couldn’t.

I spent 6 long months in hospital and Demi and Leo went to live with their grandparents.

I’m now back at home but I’m on my own. Your generosity and the amazing support from Allison at Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland means that I am learning to look after myself again. But what I really want now is to have my children home. I want us to be a family again.

Demi and Leo are great kids. They have been through so much already. They lost their mum and in many ways they have lost their dad too.

It’s been a struggle but with your support we can be together again. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for continuing to support Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

Your donations will mean that we can be a family again. Your donations mean that more people like Allison can help families like mine. You are making the difference between surviving and living. Thank you.

Derek's Signature, stroke survivor
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