Personal Support Grants

Who can we help?What we provide

Living with chest, heart or stroke illness can have considerable implications on the finances of an individual and their family. One of the services we offer aims to help those struggling financially through the provision of a Personal Support Grant. Our grants are one-off payments designed to help those with respiratory, cardiac or stroke conditions purchase goods or services that may improve quality of life, independence, mobility or dignity.

How can we help?

Our grants can help with a variety of general and specific needs. Some examples of the type of items include, aids to daily living, adaptations, holidays, respite care, white goods, heating costs, telephone installation, driving lessons, clothing and travel costs. There are different grant limits for different grant purposes. For example, for ‘standard’ grants the maximum amount that can be offered is £350, rising to £500 for travel costs or family holidays. There is a higher limit for aids to daily living of up to £750 and in exceptional circumstances, where a grant may enable a person to live independently rather than in care, we can contribute up to £2,000. All applications are assessed by the Chest Heart & Stroke Welfare Committee on a regular basis.

What are we unable to help with?

We are unable to undertake on-going costs or give retrospective grants.

How do you apply?

Applications must be made through a ‘sponsor’. This needs to be someone like a Local Authority social worker, a health professional employed by the NHS, or in some cases, a representative from a voluntary agency. Applications forms are only ever sent to the sponsor and successful grants can only be paid to the agency or organisation the sponsor represents. A section of the form also requires a short report from a GP or doctor to confirm relevant conditions. Applications for aids to daily living and adaptations must be sponsored by or include a report from an Occupational Therapist.

Would you like to apply?

Are you, someone you know, or someone you are working with, in financial need as a result of chest, heart or stroke illness? Would a Personal Support Grant help provide a service or item that would make a difference to your or this person’s quality of life? To find out if you are eligible to apply, please follow the links appropriate to you. Bear in mind that if you are applying for yourself, you must have a sponsor.