Staying in touch

Some people who have had a stroke will feel self conscious about the changes they have experienced. This can lead to a reluctance to see friends and go out and about socially again. Starting to socialise is a really important step in stroke recovery.

You may find it difficult to go to places you went to before your stroke due to physical problems. You may be worried you won't be able to manage when you are out and about. It may seem easier to stay at home. But this can lead to isolation, loneliness and low mood. There is often a solution to overcoming practical difficulties, for example through the support of others or using a wheelchair if it helps you get out and about. Try to stay in touch with your close friends by encouraging them to visit or, if you can manage it, plan short trips with them.

New friendships and new social activities might seem daunting at first, but meeting new people can be really helpful. Many people find being in the company of other people who have had a stroke hugely helpful for sharing experiences and information.

Staying positive, keeping active and maintaining relationships is an important part of your recovery.

CHSS has Support Groups around the country. To find out if there is a group near you or for other local community activities and groups in your area, call our Advice Line nurses on 0808 801 0899.