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CHSS Research and Development Projects Impact Report

Research and Development Projects Impact Report

Research and Development Projects Impact Report (PDF)

CHSS has launched a major Impact Report describing the huge strides being made towards ridding Scotland of an unenviable reputation for the poor health of its citizens. Across the board, significant advances have been achieved in terms of research, treatment, care and, perhaps most important of all, prevention of illness and disease.

CHSS’s contribution to these advances has come in the form of initiatives, services, campaigns and in our partnerships with others – other charities, hospitals, universities, clinical specialists and voluntary groups throughout the country.

Much of this work has extended research, treatment and care into new areas, bringing hope and help to previously neglected sectors of the community. The Impact Report shows how CHSS has been reaching out to young people affected by stroke. Like many of our services, this is setting standards recognised on an international level.

Another vivid example is the stroke4carers package. Since it was developed a little over four years ago, it has been accessed by more than 200,000 people in 176 countries.

All of these projects will not only improve Scotland’s health, but will also help to enhance further our growing reputation as a global centre of excellence for clinical research.

Although we may never be able to eradicate these illnesses and conditions completely, we can continue to strive towards improving the quality of life for those affected and their families.