Friends, family and close relationships

Your friends and family may be concerned about you

Your friends and family may be concerned about you

  • Your family and close friends may be worried about you if you have a heart condition. Often people cope with their fears by becoming overprotective of their loved one. However, this can make you feel that you are an invalid.
  • It can be frustrating and irritating for you if people are running around after you. This can make you feel guilty about creating extra work.
  • It can be very helpful to sit down with your friends and family and explain what you can and cannot do and agree that you will ask for help if you need it. Also explain what you want them to do when you are feeling unwell.
  • Try to understand that they are only concerned for you. If you bring your condition out into the open, and discuss it, you will all know what to do.
  • On a positive note, it is much easier if all family members work together to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce the risks of heart disease. This increases the chances of creating long lasting, healthy changes to how you lead your lives.

Information for carers

The Support for Carers section has more detailed information which can help make day to day living easier.

  • Organisations such as Carers Scotland are also useful sources of information and support.