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Treatments and rehabilitation

Doctor explaining treatment

Doctor explaining treatment options

You may need some kind of treatment to help control your symptoms. What treatment is right for you will depend upon your situation, and this may be different from someone else with the same condition as you.

Doctors will take into account your general fitness, your age, any other medical conditions you might have, as well as your heart related symptoms, before making any recommendations on treatment.

Broadly speaking the main aims of treatment for heart conditions are to:

  • Prevent worsening of heart disease
  • Prevent complications of heart disease
  • Ease the strain on your heart
  • To control any symptoms you have
  • To help you maintain as high a level of activity as possible
  • To improve your quality of life

Treatment can be divided into:

Sometimes a combination of  approaches is used. In addition cardiac rehabilitation programmes run by cardiac rehabilitation nurses and physiotherapists can help you regain your fitness and confidence as well as providing you with information and advice.

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