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Recovering at home - the first few days and weeks

It is natural to worry about the future and to worry, especially when you have just left the 'safe' environment of the hospital. Try to concentrate on the positive things (such as having come through the worst) and focus on getting stronger every day.

The heart has great capacity to heal - within a couple of weeks a scar will form in the damaged area. Often your heart can recover and is able to work just as well as before.

When you first get home, try to take things easy. Just do the same amount of moving around as you did in hospital. For the first week or so:

Get up and get dressed each day Drive a car
Walk around the house Do any gardening
Walk up and down the stairs a few times a day Play sport
Carry out light activities such as making a drink or a snack Do housework such as hoovering or making beds
Take a gentle stroll around the garden Lift, push or drag heavy objects
Have a few visitors Stand for long periods of time
Get plenty of rest Do any activity that makes you out of breath



About 10 days after a heart attack most people will be ready to start doing some gentle physical activity. The key is to start slowly and gradually build up the amount you can do. How quickly you are able to do this will depend on the condition of your heart and on how active you were before your heart attack.

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