Stroke study resources

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Anatomy and physiology

Neurological Disorders 
The Merck Manual

Stroke Center
Anatomy of the brain and blood vessels

The Whole Brain Atlas
Anatomy of the brain and blood vessels

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Guidelines for management

Best Practice Statement on "Pain Management Following Acute Stroke" (University of Glasgow and NHS Quality Improvement 2011)

Best Practice Statement on "End of Life Care Following Acute Stroke" (University of Glasgow and NHS Quality Improvement 2010)

Scottish Stroke Care Standards 2013 Update

Joint British Societies Guidelines on Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Clinical Practice (JBS2) (2005)

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

National Stroke Strategy England 2007

Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)

Road to Recovery - Hard to Swallow (PDF) NHS QIS Jan 2007
A review of issues relevant to allied health professionals and nurses

Royal College of Physicians - National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (4th edition) (PDF)

Royal College of Physicians- Guidelines for Stroke

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Government publications

Stroke Improvement Plan (2014)

Better Heart Disease and Stroke Care Action Plan
Launched by The Scottish Government in June 2009

Coronary Heart Disease / Stroke Strategy for Scotland (2002)
Long term plan for Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke with an emphasis on primary prevention and inequality

Coronary Heart Disease / Stroke Strategy for Scotland Update (2004)
Update on the progress of the Scottish Strategy

Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: We Must go Further (2006) (PDF) (2006)
The Heart Health Network Executive Group

Reducing Brain Damage : Faster Access to Better Stroke Care 
Report from the National Audit Office of England

Scottish Audit of Intracranial Vascular Malformations

National clinical audit, which is the result of a multi centre, multidisciplinary collaboration between representatives of the four Scottish neuroscience centres, other relevant specialists throughout NHS Scotland, patients and general practitioners (GPs)

Scottish Stroke Care Audit website

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Network sites

Managed Clinical Networks (MCNs)

NHS Grampian Stroke MCN Education Poster [438K PDF]  This site offers stroke research evidence for practice.

Professional bodies

British Association of Stroke Physicians ( BASP)

UK Stroke Forum

Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum (SSNF)

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Useful organisations

Aphasia Now
Aphasia-friendly forum for the aphasic community

British Brain and Spinal Injury Charity (B.A.S.I.C)

British Brain and Spine Foundation


Different Strokes
For young people with strokes, run by young people with strokes

Headway: The UK Brain Injury Association

Offers information and support to children and young people with hemiplegia

NHS Research Scotland Scottish Stroke Research Network

Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke Association


Stroke Association

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Useful websites

DORIS: database of research in stroke
Easy access to: Current best evidence (including guidelines, systematic reviews and RCTs), Ongoing research and Priorities for future research

National Advisory Committee on Stroke

STARs website
Comprehensive e–learning study resource based on the Stroke Core Competencies

Talking Heads (Rebuilding Language After Stroke)
Video featuring patients, who have lost various aspects of their speech, rebuilding language after having had a stroke.

Thrombosis Adviser
A resource for patients and doctors about thrombosis


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