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STARs (Stroke Training & Awareness Resources)

What is STARs?

STARs is a free online stroke training resource. All the information is reliable, researched, best practice or evidence based.

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Who is STARs for?

Any health or social care professional can use STARs resources. There are different levels and topics which can be accessed at any time on any internet connected device for flexible learning. Each level is designed using interactive graphics, quizzes, animations, video clips and case scenarios to make learning easy and interesting. There are assessments which the learner may opt to complete and which, if passed, gives a certificate of completion for your personal learning portfolio, SCoT Toolkit or e- KSF.

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What are the levels of learning?

1. Core Competencies - These are basic stroke knowledge and skills for anyone working with stroke patients/clients. There are 20 core competencies. They are useful for staff who maybe new to stroke care or are about to rotate to a job on to a stroke unit. If your stroke knowledge needs an update this is for you. Core competencies can also be accessed by patients, carers and the general public. You have the option to complete the core competencies then stop or gain a certificate of your learning. To get your certificate you must answer all the questions correctly. The test takes about 30 minutes.

2. Thrombolysis Masterclass – This Masterclass is aimed at senior staff involved in making the decision to treat with thrombolysis. The module consists of a series of 16 virtual patient scenarios which focus on patient history, examination and imaging. The learner is asked to decide what treatment options they would choose and have the opportunity to compare their treatment decisions with selected experts and other learners who have completed the cases. The Thrombolysis Masterclass does not issue a certificate. It is recommended that learners complete the Thrombolysis Advancing Module before undertaking the Masterclass.


3. Advancing Modules - These are for registered nursing, medical and AHP staff in health and social care and build on the knowledge and skills from core competencies. Specialised modules offer a diverse range of stroke topics. Certificates are available on completion of each module test to use as evidence for your continued professional development.


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Latest update:

Our latest STARS module Management of Tone and Spasticity after Stroke - A Role for Everyone is now available. The module gives tips and advice for health and social care professionals who are working with stroke patients in the acute phase, rehabilitation and into the community. It includes a refresher of the anatomy of normal muscle and what happens if tone changes occur after a stroke. Do you know the difference between spasticity and contracture or how to reduce the risk of developing them? The module has a case study, film clips to show how spasticity can be managed and some innovative interactives. It has a section on the specialist spasticity team. Everyone working with a stroke patient can have an effect on that person's tone so there is a role for everyone in observing, positioning and managing tone to ensure better outcomes for all our stroke patients.

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The STARs modules:

The modules are:

1. Thrombolysis
2. Physical Monitoring
3. Feeding, hydration and nutrition
4. Continence Management
5. Management of physical complications
6. Cognition and perception
7. Physical rehabilitation
8. Emotional impact
9. Reducing the risk
10. Resuming daily activities
11. Service improvement
12. Vision
13. Communication
14. Pain management
15. Self management
16. End of life care
17. Reducing the risk of venous thromboembolism
18. Sensitive and effective conversations at end of life care after stroke
19. Management of tone and spasticity after stroke - a role for everyone




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For further information contact:

Fran Bailey
STARs Project Manager
Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland
Rosebery House
9 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5EZ

Tel: 0131 225 6963

Fran joined CHSS in 2010 as Project Coordinator for stroke4carers, a website for unpaid or informal stroke carers. She is now e-learning project manager for the CHSS e-learning resources including STARs, My Lungs My Life and Stroke4Carers. She previously worked as an Occupational Therapist in NHS Lothian specialising in stroke rehabilitation, care of the elderly and respiratory care.

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