HEARTe Logo 5Building on the success of the Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARS) project, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS) have developed a new resource!

The project has been funded through the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease and is led by CHSS.


The aim of the HEARTe project is to be a free heart disease educational resource that health and social care professionals across Scotland can access.

CHSS collaborated with key stakeholders and partners and developed an educational framework which aligned to cardiac specific areas. These areas were identified as priorities by the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease (NACHD) and related actions as outlined as priorities by the Better Heart Disease and Stroke Care Action Plan.

The educational framework underpins the cardiac specific content and has driven the learning outcomes for each module.



Each module covers a specific aim and proposed learning outcomes related to a particular area of cardiac management. Specialists in the topic fields have collaborated with CHSS to ensure that the content is current and evidence based. Learners can complete the post module test to allow them to assess their acquired knowledge and a certificate of learning is awarded that can be used as evidence of CPD.

Target audience

  • The target audience is health and social care trained staff who are not working in specialist roles. These staff require different levels of knowledge and skills that allow them to offer evidence-based patient-centred care and information to patients and carers presenting and living with cardiac conditions.


HEARTe has been developed across the Scottish NHS Boards using a multi-agency approach. There has also been involvement from additional professionals who have contributed from out with the groups and also a broad range of reviewers who have considered the usability, content and activities prior to the launch in November 2013.
The nurse calls Sally to discuss the results of her tests

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