Study Day in Stroke Care (Part 1)

Elaine Grubb Stroke Training, Dumfries..The Current Care in Stroke study day aims to complement and expand upon the Stroke Core Competencies. The programme offers an intensive study day which further develops upon these 20 competencies and is open to all levels of health and social care staff working with people and their families who have experienced stroke.

Relevant nursing staff will also have the opportunity to undergo water swallow test training.

Prior to attending this training day, participants are requested to complete the online Core Competencies accessible via STARs (Stroke Training & Awareness Resources).

Course Aims

Participants will:

Course Outline

  • Introduction & Core Competencies
  • Acute Management & Secondary Prevention
  • What’s OT got to do with it?
  • Communication Impairments & how to help
  • Swallowing difficulties after stroke
  • Experiencing effects of stroke workshop
  • Nutrition & Stroke
  • Psychological Effects of Stroke
  • Functional positioning
  • Continence Management
  • Discharge Planning
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