Young stroke worker

NHS Lanarkshire

  • Offering advice and support for younger people, who have had a stroke, and their families

The Young Stroke Support Worker (YSSW) is a qualified Occupational Therapist who has specialised in stroke rehabilitation. The Lanarkshire service is managed by Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire.

The Young Stroke Support Worker visits with patients and families at home. On the first visit short and long term goals will be identified / agreed and these will be addressed and worked through on subsequent visits.

Aims of the service:

  • SharonreturnstoworkintelecommunicationsTo provide a Lanarkshire wide service to raise awareness and offer support to patients and their families as they come to terms and adjust to the longer lasting effects of stroke.
  • To help patients identify and work towards achieving short and longer term goals.
  • To give advice and support with various issues such as: activities of daily living, returning to work, the pursuit of hobbies / interests, exercise and education.
  • To help patients work towards greater independence and reintegration into the wider community.

For the stroke survivor and their family the journey through stroke illness can carry on long after hospital based rehabilitation is completed. The YSSW is community–based with intervention taking place post discharge from hospital.


Further information

For more information about this service please contact Anne Armstrong, Young Stroke Support Worker:

  • CHSS, NHS Lanarkshire Glen Lyon Building Coathill Hospital, Hospital Street Coatbridge, ML54DN
  • Tel: 01236 707740
  • Email: Anne Armstrong
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