Coronavirus Appeal

Coronavirus Appeal

The images at top to be the images from the film – each person holding up the paper – HELP ANSWER OUR CALL 


People in Scotland with chest, heart and stroke conditions are scared for their lives 


Their families are scared for those they love most in the world.  


They are some of the most at risk from coronavirus. Some feel like they have no one to turn to.  


But because of coronavirus we are running out of money – and the people using our services has doubled. We might not make it through this crisis.  


That means people will miss out on help, just when they need it most.  


But you can change that. Your donation means someone will be there to help people who are worried, alone and vulnerable.  


You can make sure that anyone who needs help will always have somewhere to turn for reassurance, support and advice.  


We have always been here for people with chest, heart and stroke conditions and coronavirus means more people than ever before need help right now. Your donation will make sure no one fights coronavirus alone. 


You are helping people like… 


Eve from Perth cares for her husband Donald, a stroke survivor  


“I’m scared for my husband. He’s a stroke survivor and had pneumonia last year and is particularly vulnerable to infections right now. 


“We’re not seeing anyone to try to fight off the virus – we’re in complete isolation. We can’t see our adorable grandchildren, our family, friends or anyone at all like we used to. It’s just devastating to think that we can’t see them right now.” 


Richard from Aberdeenshire has a long-term lung condition  


My COPD doesn’t stop because of coronavirus. People like me still need help to breathe better and the outbreak makes this more important than ever. Being well and feeling well are the most important ways I can protect myself. 


Debbie from Perthshire has asthma and is a stroke survivor  


I’m at a higher risk of the virus because of my asthma, so I’m not going out now at all. I think at a time like this I’m struggling like everyone else 


The Advice Line Nurses help people like me with things like anxiety and specialist medical adviceThey are a lifeline during this outbreak and beyond.’’ 


You can make sure no one fights coronavirus alone (GIVING LADDER)  


£10 will answer one more call, so our nurses are always at the end of the phone  


£20 will fund a one hour call to help someone with support if they are alone and worried about their health 


£50 will train team of kindness volunteers to help vulnerable people in self-isolation 


£240 will pay for a full day of our telephone Advice Line service, so our nurses can help someone with practical and emotional support when they need it most 


Your donations will make all the difference and all the money raised in Scotland stays in Scotland.