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Contact us about our Stroke Services and Groups

Two women talking "No one here speaks for me here... I get plenty of time to say what I want"Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland is the leading voluntary sector provider of Communication Support Services for people in Scotland who have had a stroke, and we are pleased to announce that our services and groups can now be searched online. The results will connect you with a named contact who will help you access the service or group.

Our Communication Support Services

These services help people to practise communicate with others despite their speech having been affected by their stroke. This builds self-confidence and encourages them to access community activities and provides them with one to one support early in their recovery.

Our One to One Communication Support Services are delivered in partnership with the NHS and act as a bridge for people between speech and language therapy and independent activities in the community. A trained communication partner supports to them as an individual either in hospital, at home or in the community.

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Our Communication Support Group Services are provided by trained staff and take the form of a smaller short-term group focussing on personal communication, or a larger group setting with the aim of gaining confidence in social-communication.

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Two young men with a bird of prey

I feel good again and enjoy the mutual support and encouragement

Our Affiliated Community Stroke Groups

These peer support groups enable individuals to develop lifelong friendships and support of others who have had a stroke whilst engaging in their hobbies and interests. A team of affiliate group support workers are available to help people to establish a group where there is sufficient interest anywhere in Scotland.

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If you are a health professional, you can refer a client to our services directly: Community Stroke Services Referral form.