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Moving on opportunities

Two men at the motor museum

“It’s good to get involved and feel I am being heard”

When people receiving communication support services have achieved their goals they will be supported to access services in the local community.

Some individuals choose to move on to a Community Stroke Group. These self- managed groups are affiliated to Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland through not provided directly by the charity. The activities carried out within these groups are varied reflecting local interests and diversity. Some affiliated groups have a specific focus, for example singing, exercise or art. It is up to the group members to define the activity of the group.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland staff keep a community map of other opportunities which they discuss with each individual to identify opportunities available to suit their interests and abilities.

Activities include:

  • exercise classes in local halls, leisure centres or gyms
  • craft classes or local interest groups
  • adult learning opportunities
  • volunteering with CHSS or other charities

‘Some services users have moved on to volunteering for the animal rescue centre where they can walk dogs or do other general jobs.’

‘I recommended the local wetlands centre where they use volunteers to record bird migration using the hides and computer tracking.’

‘He was keen on photography so I put him in contact with on-line learning and the Open University and he started a photography course.’

One lady has started volunteering on the stroke unit as a buddy for inpatients. This is helping her to be a lot more positive in her outlook through sharing her experiences of rehabilitation with others’