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Find Communication Support Services

A group of people in an activityYou can use the search on the right to find services in your area. If you don’t find anything near you, please contact us via the form below and we will help.

One to one communication support services

These services are provided to an individual either in hospital, at home or in the community. A trained communication partner supports the individual to achieve their personal goals. The outcome of this kind of service is increased confidence and ability to communicate in a variety of social settings.

Communication support group services

Services are delivered by staff who are trained in accessible information, communication support and providing a safe environment. They bring together a number of service users and volunteers in a group setting. Having a social chat with volunteers and friends in a relaxed setting helps overcome any anxiety about loss of words.

Core communication group service

These services take the form of short term, small group services which support individuals with significant communication support needs. This is done with a focus on building personal communication skills and confidence in expressing opinions.

Social-communication group service

This service is a larger group setting with the aim of gaining confidence in social-communication in preparation for accessing mainstream community activities.

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If you are a health professional, you can refer a client to our services: Community Stroke Services Referral form.