CHSS videos

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Heart Attack: A Guide To Your Recovery 
Bill Paterson introduces patients and carers who describe their experience of heart attack, their recovery and share their feelings about the future.

Living With Heart Failure
Presented by Tom Cotcher, it features people who have heart failure and looks at the practical steps that can be taken to control and monitor their condition once a diagnosis of heart failure has been made.

Stroke Matters
This comprises two 20-minute films.

Making Sense of Stroke 
The first film is for family members and individuals recovering from a stroke. The film features people who have had a stroke and their family discussing the challenges of returning to everyday life soon after a stroke. It outlines why a stroke can occur, the care and recovery process in the immediate period after a stroke and the emotional impact of a stroke.

Facing The Future
The second film provides reassurance and practical advice about recovery after a stroke and addresses a range of issues including rehabilitation, mobility difficulties, practical aids to independence, communication problems and advice on staying healthy.

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