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THE CLASH - 'The Singles' album - Every home should have one!

Can you believe there are people living in Scotland that have never heard The Clash??

Sign our petition to ensure that every new born baby in Scotland recieves a copy of 'The Singles' by THE CLASH!

We are campaigning to have the Scottish Government to include a copy of 'The Singles' by The Clash in every baby box
Visit the Baby Box Scotland website

End the slide into a musical and artistic wasteland and help the next generation be inspired by "The only band that matters"... THE CLASH!

Never forget!

MOBILISE to end MEDIOCRITY! YOU can change lives!

In an age where we have lost so many cultural icons such as JOHNNY CASH, BOB MARLEY, JAMES BROWN, CURTIS MAYFIELD among so many others, it's time to help keep the flame alive.
Some other blah blah smoosh about why this is important. Yadda yadda.

THE CLASH: Sign our petition!

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