Key Issues

People holding #rehabmatters signs

Key Issues

Because of the impact on their daily lives there are many issues which affect people living with heart or lung disease, or after a stroke.  We highlight these to Government and the Scottish Parliament through responding to national consultations, providing evidence to inquiries, and briefing politicians for their Parliamentary work.  We are also members of the National Advisory Committees on Heart Disease and on Stroke.



Rehabilitation: We’ve been holding events at political conferences to highlight the need for improved rehabilitation services and support. Pictured below is Anas Sarwar, shadow health spokesperson, at the 2018 Scottish Labour party conference, together with Ian Baxter from our peer support group Forfar Airways.


People holding signs saying #rehabmatters



Social isolation and loneliness: The Scottish Government has consulted on a new national strategy to tackle social isolation and loneliness.  Our response highlights the greater risk of isolation that people with our conditions face, the response that is needed, and the impact that volunteering can make. Click here to download social isolation and loneliness doument (pdf).



Human Rights: We gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities & Human Rights Committee about the importance of people being able to exercise their right to health, and what more Parliament can do to ensure human rights are improved. Click here to download Human Rights document (pdf).



Air Quality: Our CEO Jane-Claire Judson gave evidence at the Health & Sport Committee on the harm that poor air quality causes.  Click here to download Air Quality document (pdf).



Social Security: We worked with Marie Curie and MND Scotland to add our support to their successful campaign to change the definition of ‘terminal illness’ in the Social Security Bill.



Obesity: See our response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on a new national strategy to tackle obesity, a key cause of stroke and heart conditions. Click here to download Obesity document (pdf).



Brexit:  See our submission to Scottish Parliament’s Health & Sport Committee about our concerns about the potential impact of Brexit on Scotland’s health and social care system. Click here to download Brexit document (pdf).



Parliament debates COPD: To mark World COPD Day in November 2017, MSPs at the Scottish Parliament held a debate on Scotland’s lung health.  See our written briefing to MSPs. Click here to download COPD document (pdf).



Technology and Innovation in the NHS: Scottish Parliament’s Health & Sport Committee held an inquiry; see our written submission. Click here to download Technology and Innovation in the NHS document (pdf).



Parliament debates Stroke: In June 2017 the Scottish Parliament held a debate on the impact of stroke in Scotland.  See our written briefing to MSPs. Click here to download Stroke Debate document (pdf).