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Worried about money?

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland offer a number of ways to give financial advice and support those affected by chest, heart or stroke illness and are worried about money.

In this section you can find out about our Personal Support Grants and Welfare Benefits Advisors.

The following are some examples of how we have helped.


Angela playing guitar


Because she has ventricular tachycardia – a fast heart rhythm – Angela has been unable to attend regular school lessons and misses out on many of the social aspects of school. She particularly enjoyed guitar lessons but there was a problem when council funding ran out.

With a CHSS grant she has been able to improve her skills with more lessons and connect with other pupils who play instruments.


Tommy on his electric scooter


Heart disease and a stroke in 2012 have left Tommy with, among other issues, limited mobility. He has leftsided weakness and his balance can be poor.

His wife and sister contribute to his care and welfare but his lack of mobility was getting him down. Exertion makes him breathless and he is only able to walk short distances out of doors.

With a CHSS welfare grant, he has been able to acquire a lightweight electric wheelchair which helps him meet his goal of getting out for walks with his wife, raise his level of independence and, in so doing, generally lift his spirits.