My name is Derek and last year my world fell apart – twice.

My stroke robbed me of everything – my voice, my independence and my kids. With your help I can get them back.

Health Defence Scotland – For Healthier Lives

People in some parts of Scotland are dying too soon because of poor health. We want to change that. It is never too late to improve your health. We can help you do it. Find out more about Health Defence Scotland.
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Will you make your time matter for people like Brian?

There aren’t enough volunteers to support everyone in Scotland who needs help. You can change this.
Turning your spare time into volunteering – whether it is in our shops, at our events or with our services – could be the difference that means someone like Brian can rebuild their life and get back to the things they love.
Make your time matter

Download our new app:
Talk With Me!

It is for people after a stroke who have a communication difficulty called Aphasia. Aphasia means that it may be difficult to speak, understand speech, read or write.

Talk with me uses symbols, images and photographs to help with conversation and basic communication. It is free to download for Apple & Android devices.

Talk With Me app

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Join Team Scotland

Run for us in 2019 and help support one in five people in Scotland affected by life changing conditions. 5k, 10k, half or full marathon – the choice is yours!
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Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland urges the Health Secretary to bring life-changing stroke procedure back into Scottish hospitals

The call comes after it was revealed last year that a procedure called thrombectomy is no longer available to patients in Scotland but is still available elsewhere in the UK. In 2017, only 13 people received this life-changing treatment but as many as 600 would have benefited.

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Our Services

By your side, on your side

If you need help, support or information, we are here for you and your family. Our committed team of staff and volunteers work hard, day in day out, to support people living with our conditions in their local communities.

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Everyone Has The Right
To Live Life To The Full

Across Scotland, over 1 million people – that’s one in five of the population – are living with the effects of serious chest and heart conditions and stroke.

After a diagnosis of a chest or heart condition or a stroke, many people experience fear and isolation and struggle with the impact on their lives. Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland won’t stand for that. The care and support we deliver every day ensures everyone can live the life they want to.

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